Wine storage monitoring

Wine storage monitoring

Preserve the essence of every bottle

Guarantee perfect storage conditions of your wine collection with real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts. Ensure optimal conditions for aging and serving, all from the convenience of your desktop or mobile.
Real-time temperature, humidity, air quality, and light tracking for optimal aging
Dashboard overview of multiple storage locations
Instant alerts when anything changes, before your collection is damaged
Comprehensive reports for long-term storage planning
Automated workflows for regular cellar maintenance

The art and science of wine storage

Storing wine is a delicate balance of temperature, humidity, light, air quality, and time. Any deviation can affect the wine's quality and aging process. What if you could manage all these variables effortlessly from one central platform?

Our Solution

Your personal dashboard

Telsen combines the art of wine storage with cutting-edge technology. Monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, and light levels in real-time, receive instant alerts for any changes, and manage your entire wine collection from one central dashboard.
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Transform Your Restaurant Portfolio

Peace of Mind

Eliminate the worry of spoilage or degradation. Telsen's intelligent alerts allow you to act immediately, preserving the value and quality of your wine collection.

Energy efficiency

Monitor the energy usage of your wine storage units to optimide efficiency and reduce costs.

Multi-parameter monitoring

One platform, multiple insights. Keep tabs on temperature, humidity, light, and air quality to ensure your wine is stored in the most optimal conditions, all year round.