Office monitoring

Office monitoring

Optimise your office space for productivity and well-being

Real-time occupancy, air quality, and energy use monitoring, all from your desktop or mobile. Create a healthier, more efficient work environment.
Real-time occupancy data for efficient space utilisation
Air quality monitoring for a healthier work environment
Energy use tracking for sustainable operations
Comprehensive dashboard for all your monitoring needs
Instant alerts for immediate action

The modern office's complex demands

Managing an office space involves juggling a variety of factors, from employee comfort to energy efficiency. What if you could simplify these tasks and manage them from one central location?

Our Solution

Your office's control hub

Telsen's platform integrates occupancy, air quality, and energy use monitoring into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Manage your office's key metrics from your desktop or mobile device, ensuring a productive and healthy work environment.
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Occupancy Monitoring

Know which areas of your office are being used and when. Telsen's sensors provide real-time occupancy data, helping you make informed decisions about space utilisation.

Air Quality Checks

Ensure the air your employees breathe is clean and safe. Telsen's sensors monitor air quality parameters like CO2 and particulates, alerting you if levels become unhealthy.

Energy Efficiency

Track energy consumption in real-time and identify opportunities for savings. Telsen's platform helps you monitor energy use, enabling you to implement sustainability initiatives that not only save money but also reduce your carbon footprint.