Food safety

Food safety

Automate your process so you can spend time on your craft

Seamless HACCP management and real-time monitoring, all from your desktop or mobile. Elevate food safety and quality across your entire restaurant portfolio.
Cold chain assurance - be notified before there's an issue with your fridge or freezer
Dashboard showing the status of all of your sites
Digital HACCP workflows for unrivalled quality assurance
Simple reports when you need them
Uninterrupted record keeping

Modern Challenges of Food Management

Managing food production is a delicate dance of precision and creativity. Food safety, temperature control, and hygiene standards can be overwhelming. What if these tasks could be streamlined from one central location - your desktop or mobile device?

Our Solution

Your Central Command Center

Our software blends technology and food safety into a single platform. Manage HACCP workflows, monitor cooking temperatures with Bluetooth probes, and keep tabs on fridge and freezer conditions across all your sites, all from one central dashboard.
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Transform Your Restaurant Portfolio

Cold chain monitoring

Keep a constant eye on your cold storage units. Telsen's sensors monitor temperature and humidity in real-time, and alert you if anything goes wrong, ensuring perishable items are stored under optimal conditions.

Digital checklists

Replace paper-based logs with Telsen's digital checklists. Easily track HACCP workflows, cleaning schedules, equipment checks, and food storage, all in one platform.

Save money, reduce waste

Avoid the financial repercussions of food spoilage and health code violations. Telsen's proactive alerts enable you to take timely action, saving you money and safeguarding your reputation.